2021 Backpacks

2021 was another great year for the Machado Family Giving. Highlighting the homeless crisis plaguing our local community, we decided to act by setting a goal of purchasing and filling 500 backpacks with essentials that a person living on the street would need. A blanket, socks, water, hygiene products and we were also fortunate to be able to add jackets to our backpacks. Filled to the brim, we are distributing these to the homeless population by family outreach and through our local non-profit partners.

We realize that we will never be able to solve the homeless problem, but to do nothing was never an option for our family. Even one person whose life will benefit from our actions, will be enough. Do you want to get involved with our efforts to address social issues in our communities? We have room for you and your family to join us. Just send us an email through this website and we will respond.

27 family members and friends joined with us on December 12th, 2021 to fill the backpacks. Many brought their own children in order to expose them to the concept of giving.

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