February 2, 2024

Children in Hospitals

Provided essentials to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital, So Cal Assessment Center, Ronald McDonald House, and Totally Kid’s Critical Care Facility Provided over 500 bottles of Aromatherapy calming essential oils to Loma Linda Hospital and their Assessment Center as well as Warrior for Children Assessment Center, Foster homes, Nurses, and organizations through Frances Hodge’s Angel Care products.

Your Money at Work

One day we received a call from a concerned citizen who noticed a single young girl struggling with her newborn. What could we do to help? Could we provide diapers? When we visited this new mom, she couldn’t have been sixteen, we were struck by how difficult her life was. She lived in a small apartment with eight other adults

Our small family

Our small family nonprofit is expandingquickly as we continue to serve children in our communities. Remember-more secure kids make better adults. It’s an easy equation. Provided essentials to 600 families in need from of 211 calls through United Way. Provided the entire amazon wish list for Upland’s Community Children’s Camp. Provided essentials to several local organizations serving children Provided 100

Kids need help

Kids need help and we plan to continue to serve any child who needs our assistance. When parents can no longer care for their families and schools are at capacity, our communities should provide what they can. It’s an investment for a better world. We gave away 100,000 organic Juice boxes thanks to our community partners. Made Christmas extra special