Jenn Green

Assuming the role in January 2022, Jenn Green is the Vice President of Machado Family Giving. In this position, Jenn has oversight for setting agency strategy, ensuring all parts of the organization are well managed, and operating effectively.
Prior to joining Machado Family Giving, she worked as a business consultant associated with the Small Business Administration and helped to establish numerous nonprofit foundations that are making a difference in Southern California. With her unique professional background, volunteer work and education, she has developed a unique efficacyin serving vulnerable populations.
Jenn obtained herMaster of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation through California State University and has over 10 years of direct experience working with at risk teenagers, adults with developmental and physical disabilities, and children.
Her passion for working with those who are often overlooked originated in her own family. A child of the foster system herself, Jenn was adopted at the age of three which shaped her compassion and advocacy skills. Additionally, her exposure to family members with physical and mental disabilities,as well as situational poverty taught her to not underestimate any individual, to champion for those in need and to always treat others with dignity and respect. Sheis excited for the opportunity to help and serves others throughher work with Machado Family Giving.