Our Goal of $10,000

Help Us Reach Our Goal of $10,000 For A Kid’s First Bike

Do you ever think back when you received your first bicycle? How did it make you feel?

Were you the last of your friends to get a bike, or were you the kid who never owned your own bike?

Think about your experience and how that made you feel. Pride. Independence and acceptance among your friends in the hood.

Suddenly, your world was so much larger than the street where you lived. Were you able to ride off each morning—exploring and discovering new ventures? Before and after school—weekends? Were you gone all day? Or were you rushing through your chores to hop on your bike and ride again?

Did you finally fit in with your friends and neighborhood kids? That had to be a significant time in your life.

Parents are trying to figure out how to get kids to unplug. What better way than to get a kid on a bike? This would increase socialization skills, increase physical activity and give kids the opportunity to make new friends.

Imagine how a child must feel when handed the opportunity for independence and the freedom to explore. Imagine being that child and giving the gift of a bicycle—something to call their own.

We can’t think of a better way to promote the growth and positive development among kids than giving them the opportunity to develop with the gift of a bicycle. If you agree please tell your friends.

Our organization is dedicated in our mission to enrich children’s lives. We wanted to offer solutions for children, and we firmly believe that secure children will have a better opportunity to become adults who are equipped to also make positive changes in our communities. Thank you for believing in this mission. We can’t do this type of work without your generosity.
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We Are Purchasing 100 Bikes To Give Away To Kids In Our Community