Path of Life Ministries

Path of Life Ministries has been one of our Partners since our inception. They have served Riverside County since 1998 and provide a wide range of services including shelters and housing. It is their commitment to at risk children that got our attention and whenever we have clothing, school supplies, shoes, and juice, we offer these items to them so our communities can grow together.

Many times, we are contacted by other organizations who have a need for the items in our warehouse and we always offer and usually, they accept. Working together, building a collaboration of agencies will make our children more secure and as we always say, more secure kids make for healthier adults. Isn’t this they community we want to create?

Hello Chuck and Stephanie
What a glorious day this is we were able to bless all of the children that are currently in housing with gift bags containing all of the clothing items donated by Machado Family Giving!

They were blessed with leggings, underwear and so many new clothing items in all there were 39 children and one college student (18yrs old will be warm in the Washington Redskin jacket)

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