When we received a call from the Olive Branch Development and Empowerment Services asking if we could assist. we sent our CEO out for a visit. Located in Bloomington, California, and located in San Bernardino County, it is one of the poorest counties in the nation. Per capita income is $26,402 with nearly 15% of the population living in poverty.

The organization was founded by Angela McClain who believes that communities that work together are stronger and more effective in their pursuits.  They hold free community events throughout the year that unite people as they serve the less fortunate.

We were very interested in Angela’s Giving Closet program, where people can come in and browse her store items and can select for free. Many new and used clothing items are organized and offered twice a week.

Because our mission statement is centered on helping children, we went to our warehouse to locate pajamas, infant clothes, young girls leggings, infant plates and diapers. We are pleased to include Angela and her organization as a community partner.