Machado Family Giving

About Us

Machado Family Giving is very concerned about the at risk children in our communities. The effects of the recent pandemic made us aware of the difficulty many children face. According to the Community Indicators for San Bernardino County, 30,270 students K-12 were identified as homeless during the 2020 school year. This represents 7% of the student population. 91% are living with two or three families in a home due to economic hardship.

Many communities are experiencing these same universal problems.

Over the years The Machado Family has sought out community injustices as it relates to need and we have acted. Three years ago, we supplied hiking boots to our local charities for distribution to the less fortunate. The following year we provided 800 new jackets to people living under bridges and on the streets. At Christmas, we loaded 100 Food Boxes and distributed them to local families transitioning out of a family shelter and into a new home.

Our Backpack Project remains legendary. In 2021, we provided 500 backpacks stuffed with jackets, shoes and hygiene related essentials. Then, working with our local nonprofit partners, we made sure these were delivered to the homeless communities.

Now, we are focusing our efforts to serve children at risk.

Children, irrespective of their origin, deserve love and acceptance. Machado Family Giving Inc. holds the vision to support at risk children with all the necessities to provide them with a positive and enhanced future. We believe that secure children turn into good adults, which make our communities stronger.

In order to facilitate this vision, we went out into the community to identify and understand the segment of population we would serve. We went out into the neighborhoods, foster care agencies and visited the family shelters. We went into the tunnels—under the freeways to see, first-hand what the homeless population was facing.

Then, members of our family ventured out into the streets to engage with the homeless community to understand how they were providing for their children when they couldn’t sustain themselves. Focusing on our mission to support children gave us a broader perspective of the community needs and a deeper understanding of a child’s needs.

Finally, we went back to the family shelters to engage with the children, and we had the opportunity to directly interact with at-risk children. The interaction with those children gave us a clear vision of the segment of society we wanted to work for – foster children, at risk children and the kids with no place to call home. These are the kids that need support when very few people are going to step in to assist.


We Support At Risk Children With Essentials For A Positive And Enriched Future


We Envision A Powerful Community Where Any Child Has The Opportunity To Thrive Through The Support Of People Who Value Them Like Family.